Structured Quantitative Inquiry Labs


I wanted to share the exciting news that my PhD thesis, titled Structured Quantitative Inquiry Labs: Developing critical thinking in the introductory physics laboratory, has been accepted and published online here. Crazy to think it’s all over.

After a bit of an energy crash yesterday afternoon, I started reflecting on the whole thesis writing process. In particular, I thought about the changes to my productivity over the last year, which I thought was appropriate for an end-of-2014 post. This led me to this hilarious graph of work productivity as a function of time.

The first three segments demonstrate how I discovered whole new levels of ‘busy’ that I never new existed. Once I submitted my thesis I tried to stay busy but there was just no way that was going to happen. At the beginning of November I realized the end was nigh and the to-do list was quite long, so I picked up the productivity immediately and then it disintegrated over the month. December 1st was the harsh realization that I had a month left to tackle the epic to-do list, but I shortly after realized that I really do need a break before the new job starts in January. Granted, I’ve kept myself busy with other important things – meals with friends as I start to say goodbye, organizing moving companies, finding a new apartment, dealing with all the administrative paperwork that comes with graduating, moving to the US, and starting a new job.

2014 Productivity Graph

My handwriting has been described to me as kid scratch, terrible, and as though someone was grabbing my writing surface and shaking tremendously as I wrote.



It certainly was a big year for me, which made these sharp changes in productivity so memorable. Does anyone else have fun reflections on the year?