About Me

I am an assistant professor in the Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics in the Physics Department at Cornell University. My department profile can be found here and my group webpage (updated more frequently than this one) can be found here.

My research broadly encompasses learning and teaching in undergraduate physics labs. Unfortunately, controlled research studies to evaluate learning outcomes from physics labs have, historically, been spare compared with lectures and tutorials. This may seem surprising, given the resource-intensive nature of labs. My research attempts to fill in this gap through controlled, comparative studies of student performance to take a critical look at the efficacy of different lab structures. My research uses primarily quantitative and analytic methods to evaluate learning, for example, through coding of student work and through closed-response surveys. I typically supplement this quantitative approach with other qualitative methods, such as out-of-class interviews and in-class observations. I have also been exploring elements of teaching assistant training, diversity and equity in physics lab courses, how to teach statistical and data analysis tools through Invention activities, and the relationship between lab courses and undergraduate research experience.

Outside of school, I have been a volunteer and coordinator with science outreach programs such as Let’s Talk Science, a charitable science outreach organization in Canada. I have been dancing and singing since I was very young and regularly take ballet classes as my source of exercise and release. I love singing in choirs (such as Choralation, where we sang gems like Call your girlfriend, The Log Driver’s Waltz, and Rise Up My Love), but also like to venture in to solo territory every once in a while (such as at the UBC Physics & Astronomy music concert with some jazz tunes, other jazz tunes, and some pop favourites).

Contact Me

On Twitter: @ng_Holmes
On LinkedIn: http://lnkd.in/b5nzjFk
By email: ngholmes [at] cornell [dot] edu
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